Getting your documents together

Getting your documents together

What are the documents that need to be shared for the adoption process?

  1. Postcard size latest family photograph/ photograph of the couple or person adopting a child (to be uploaded as well as 4 physical copies to be submitted)
  2. PAN Card of the prospective adoptive parents (to be uploaded as well as physical copy to be submitted)
  3. Birth certificate/Proof of date of birth of the prospective adoptive parents through 10th standard marksheet. (to be uploaded as well as notarised physical copy to be submitted of both parents)
  4. Proof of residence (aadhar card/ voter card/ passport/current electricity bill/telephone bill) (to be uploaded as well as notarised physical copy to be submitted)
  5. Proof of income of last year (salary slip/income certificate issued by Govt. department/income tax return)  (to be uploaded as well as physical copy to be submitted)
  6. Salary certificate with seal and signature of the employer along with copy of joining letter with company seal ( physical copy submission only)
  7. Certificate from a medical practitioner certifying that the prospective adoptive parents do not suffer from any chronic, contagious or fatal disease and they are fit to adopt. (In case of married couple, upload Medical Certificate of both the applicants. Please submit original medical certificates as well) I have shared details about the Medical Certificate in the next post.
  8. In case you are married, share Marriage Certificate. In case you are divorcee, share Divorce Decree. In case of death of your spouse, share Death Certificate of spouse (to be uploaded as well as notarised physical copy to be submitted)
  9. Three reference letters from friends/neighbours who know you well and are in support of the adoption. The letter should state how long they know you and why they think you make good parents. Their details- phone number, email id to be mentioned in the letter. Their  identity proof (Adhaar or passport) should be notarized ( physical copy submission only)
  10. One letter from one your siblings (if you do not have a sibling, then parent) in support of adoption and declaring that in the eventuality that something happen to you, they will take full responsibility for the child (physical copy submission only)
  11.  Original Bank Statement of you and your spouse with seal and signature (physical copy submission only)
  12. Written consent of older child: Incase you have an older child bring birth certificate of the child, and if the child is above 7 years of age either biological or adopted, a written consent must be obtained and submitted (physical copy submission only)
  13. Copy of family health insurance (notarised physical copy submission only)
  14. Property documents. If you do not own a house, notarize the rental or the lease agreement. (notarised physical copy submission only)

Please note that you will be given a window of 30 days from the date of registration to complete uploading your documents. Failure to do so, would lead to deactivation of your application.

Uploading the documents 

Log in to your account.Scroll down the CARA homepage and click on login ‘parents’ button

This will bring you to the parents sign in screen below

Once you have logged in, click on ‘upload documents’ on the left side vertical navigation.

It is mandatory to upload all the documents, in order to complete the application. In case of married couple, both applicants need to upload their birth certificate

Kindly note that only after you have uploaded all the documents, the Submit button will be enabled. 

To ensure that the documents uploaded are correct, click on the ‘view’ link in blue. 

Shown below is your ‘upload documents’ screen after you have completed the upload of all your documents.

If any of the require documents are not uploaded, the application cannot be completed. 

From the time your registration is accepted, you can start tracking your status. For this click on ’track status’ on the left navigation.

This section will get updated as per whichever stage you are in the adoption process.

Submission of documents to your selected SAA 

  1. You need to submit 2 notarised physical copies of the all documents
  2. You also need to pay them Rs. 6000 in the form of a DD from a nationalised bank. (as of Nov 2019)

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