In the queue…

In the queue…

Now the wait begins!

Once you are in the queue, it is a long wait as there are an increasing number of people who have applied for adoption.

You can log in to see your number in the queue and will be able to track progress. It took us around 2 years so one has to be very patient.

I would suggest, take this time to travel or do other things that you have not really had time for. Make a bucket list and go for adventurous trips, live it up. Once your baby is home, you will not have time for anything apart from the little angel. So seriously, take advantage of this time. Do the diving certification you had always wanted to do, start that pottery course, paint, write! 

You can also use this time to read up on the challenges and joys of parenthood, reflect on the values you want to give your child. One word of caution though! How much ever you read, you will never be completely prepared so be easy on yourself.

What did I do in those 2 years?

  • Well, I travelled to Seychelles to meet an old friend of mine (something I had been planning forever)
  • Travelled to Japan, one of the most unique countries in the world
  • Travelled to Goa twice… one with my husband and some friends and another with my girlfriends from college
  • Went to Nagaland for the Hornbill festival (something I had been thinking about for 10 years! )
  • Travelled to Thailand with my husband
  • Learnt decoupage
  • Took time out to write poetry
  • Took part in an Art show

All this amidst a hectic work schedule. And yes, time flew and how!

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