Online registration

Online registration

To proceed, you have to register online with the Central Adoption Resource Authority through 

Link to register in the homepage is a bit hidden. In the top navigation of the homepage, click on ‘Parents’ > Resident Indian Parents > New Registering Parents> Register Online.

This link will take you to the form shown below that you need to fill.

The first half of the form is about your personal information and contact details. Scroll down the form to fill the information below regarding selection of local specialised adoption agency and child preference for adoption.

Some tips to help you fill some the sections highlighted above in the form.


How to find the specialised adoption agency (SAA) closest to your home that will do your Home Study report (HSR)?

There are 2 ways of getting this information

  • Click on this link on the homepage 


  • Click on the link on the left navigation in the registration 

Both these links will take you to the screen below

The map is clickable. Click on the state in India where you reside.

Let’s say I clicked on Karnataka in the map, the following screen with information on the specialized adoption agencies in Karnataka will open.

Copy the details of the specialized adoption agency closest to your home. You will need to indicate this as the selected agency in the online registration form. You can change the agency selected till the time your Home Study Report (HSR) gets done


How to fill the section on child preferences for adoption?

  • Gender: You can choose between Male, Female or No choice. If you select ‘no choice’, it means that you are okay with either a male of female child. You can change your preference a maximum of 3 times.
  • Child category: You can chose either ‘Single’ or ‘Siblings’. This means you either want a single child or you want to adopt a child that has known siblings.
  • Health Status: You can choose between Normal, Physically challenged, Mentally Challenged or Physically and Mentally challenged. 
  • Age: You can give the age preference of the child among the age bands shown ie 0-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14 and14-18. You can change your preference a maximum of 3 times.
  • State preference: You can select upto 3 states in India where you want the child from. You can also indicate ‘from anywhere’ if it does not matter to you where the child hails from. You can change your preference a maximum of 3 times.


After filling the information and submitting, you will get an online acknowledgement letter. Sharing the letter I received .

In case you misplace your online acknowledgement letter, then it can be regenerated using Forgot Password link available in Track Status page.

After registration, you should contact the adoption agency you selected.

All original documents will have to be produced for verification. Your eligibility for adoption will be finally decided by the adoption agency.

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