Medical Certificate

Medical Certificate

This is a very important document as it shows whether or not you are fit to adopt. You need to get a certificate from a medical practitioner certifying that you do not suffer from any chronic, contagious or fatal disease.

Please note that the format of the medical certificate with the tests to be done will be shared by the local specialised adoption agency (SAA) you select. It might differ a bit from agency to agency.

Some SAAs might recommend that you get the medical certificates from a government hospital.

In case of a married couple, you have to upload the medical certificates of both the applicants. You must submit original medical certificates as well.

The following will need to be covered in the medical certificate for the Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs)

1. Present Health Status

  • Cardiovascular Status
  • Gastro Intestinal System
  • Gastro Intestinal System
  • Genito Urinary System
  • Respiratory System Status
  • Neurological Status
  • Psychological Status
  • Any condition other than mentioned Above

2. Health History

Description of illnesses/major surgeries or accidents, if any, and the course of treatment during the last five years. If any permanent handicaps resulted you need to mention to what extent they affect normal functioning.

FAMILY HISTORY : Indication of the history of physical or mental illness in the Family (Indicate tendencies for Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc.)

3. Test Findings

Blood Group:___________

Pulse______________ Blood Pressure _________

HIV – I: _____________ HIV – II: _______________

Hepatitis – ‘B’ : _______________

4. Remarks by the doctor

On physical examination and checking health history, the doctor will mention if he/she is satisfied with your health which does not disqualify you in parenting the child in anyway

Please note that once you get matched with a child after the waiting period of more than a year, you will need to go through the health checkup again and resubmit the medical certificate. This is because earlier submission would have lost it’s validity.

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